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Cricket 07 Fix- Remove White Edges/Borders From Renders

It is quite older tutorial of mine, I posted it (many years ago) in my mods forum, so I'd like to share it again. 

What Is The Problem ?

This is a small tutorial for those who cut the renders properly, but in game menu; white edges look around the renders.This is not a big problem but it can be removed in Fshed, for getting best ingame results.

How To Solve ?

1.Open Fshed and open your fsh file which contains all menu renders.

*Note- Do not edit anyone's menu without his permission. Make and edit your own render and use default menu file.

2.Now select the image (which you've cutted & ingame seen with white edges.)

3.Press Ctrl+T for going to the object properties window.

4.Now middle of the right side you can see "Mip Filters Tab" ; By default which is set to "Triangle".

5.Change it to "Point" option and then press "Update" button.

6.Now save the file using Ctrl+S.

7.Open your game.There you can see your image without unwanted white edges.

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