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How To Fix Cricket 07 Player Editor Bats.xml Error

About the Problem :-

After replacing any other Bats.xml file (Which are provided in the bat-packs) to Player-Editor folder then it shows an error dialog in Player-Editor like this-

This problem can be easily solved in Notepad.It will also work on almost all versions of Player-Editor.Just follow the steps below-

Step 1 :-

Open the Bats.xml file . (which you have copied from any bat-pack folder and have replaced in Player-Editor folder.) Just right click on the file and open with notepad.

Step 2 :-

After opening the file in notepad, look for the C07 selected Path.Selected path will be located between this syntax-


Just select the given path and then delete-

Step 3 :-

Again look for the selected path of ImpBIG image.It will be located between this syntax-


Again select & then delete the given path-

Step 4 :-

Now, your coding will look like this-

Step 5 :-

Save your file by pressing Ctrl+S.


Now open the Player-Editor and then set your root & ImpBig path again from starting.

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