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Cricket 07 Weather Icons Download

I've already posted this on my forum page. But, still I'll share it on Shubham's Stock.

Download Cricket 07 Weather Icons:




Copy all the files to your EA Cricket 07 root directory.

e.g. - C:\Program Files\EA Sports Cricket 07

How To Fix Cricket 07 Player Editor Bats.xml Error

About the Problem :-

After replacing any other Bats.xml file (Which are provided in the bat-packs) to Player-Editor folder then it shows an error dialog in Player-Editor like this-

This problem can be easily solved in Notepad.It will also work on almost all versions of Player-Editor.Just follow the steps below-

Cricket 07 Fix- Remove White Edges/Borders From Renders

It is quite older tutorial of mine, I posted it (many years ago) in my mods forum, so I'd like to share it again. 

What Is The Problem ?

This is a small tutorial for those who cut the renders properly, but in game menu; white edges look around the renders.This is not a big problem but it can be removed in Fshed, for getting best ingame results.

How To Solve ?

1.Open Fshed and open your fsh file which contains all menu renders.

*Note- Do not edit anyone's menu without his permission. Make and edit your own render and use default menu file.

2.Now select the image (which you've cutted & ingame seen with white edges.)

3.Press Ctrl+T for going to the object properties window.

4.Now middle of the right side you can see "Mip Filters Tab" ; By default which is set to "Triangle".

5.Change it to "Point" option and then press "Update" button.

6.Now save the file using Ctrl+S.

7.Open your game.There you can see your image without unwanted white edges.

Download Cricket 07 Error Finder v1.0.0 Created By Shubham Pathak

Cricket 07 Error Finder v1.0.0 Download Created by Shubham Pathak